Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Are We Prepared for Global Cooling?


Cooling periods called “mini-ice ages” have been associated with famines and pandemics.

Warming periods have been associated with population growth and cultural progress.

Which would you rather have?

Temperatures on our planet follow a pattern. Very long periods called glacials (ice-ages) alternate with relatively short periods called interglacials (warm) periods.  We are currently in an interglacial warm period.

Within these glacial cycles are far shorter periods of warming and cooling.

1.      Solar maximums are characterized by global warming. Solar minimums create the conditions for global cooling.

2.      The Sun’s solar magnetic activity cycle repeats every ~ 11 years. During each cycle the number of sunspots peak and fall in a pattern. Low activity is usually associated with cooler temperatures.

A Solar Minimum is expected to occur between 2020 and 2053. The new 11 year magnetic cycle will reach lowest (coldest) point sometime between 2030 and 2035. 

Is global cooling likely? If so, there will be crop failures followed by food shortages and famine. We humans will desperately need fossil fuels in order to survive.

Forget global warming. We need to prepare for global cooling.


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